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The Virtual Business Coach / Advisor
"Success Strategies for the 21st Century"

Mission: To enable medical billing companies to improve their profitability, grow their client base and improve efficiencies.

Service Offerings:

  • Assist in the development and implementation of a strategic plan
  • Operational review to examine the following areas:
    1. Potential for cost reduction
    2. Margin improvement
    3. Cash flow improvement
    4. Increase revenues
  • Help develop a sales and marketing strategy to increase market share
  • Evaluate new managerial candidates using Assessment Tools
  • Evaluate internal candidates for promotion using Assessment Tools
  • Review Financial statements and compare with industry benchmarks
  • Review client financial performance reports
  • Assist with new client contract pricing
  • Assist with strategies for problem clients
  • Permission to use any of my published articles in your company newsletter
  • Phone coaching to discuss any issue candidly and in confidence
  • Email questions or issues
  • Help in translating ideas into action
  • Attend your strategic planning, management retreats, board meetings
  • On site visits as necessary
  • In-house seminars for education and development of your team

For additional information contact Dave Jakielo at (412) 921-0976 or

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